Tit Story
( published 21st August 2003 )

Hi All,

I CAN DO IT. This morning in my bathroom I was standing in front of my mirror, listening to the radio. I started shaking my body like mad on Bryan Adams' "Summer of 69", when all of a sudden I realised something I hadn't discovered yet: my breasts started moving in circles, you know like those Turkish belly dancers moving their tits around...I found a new talent in me. Alex the titmover, wooow! Cabarets, Night Clubs, beware. The "Alex Nouveau est arrive"...Tatatataaaaa tataatatataaa ( Superman tune ).

Have a nice day

Merci Rosi ( translated from "Germanisch by me myself I ):

Once upon a time a young princess found a frog next to a pond. The frog jumped on her lap and said: "Young lady, you know what will happen now don't you? You will kiss me, and I will turn into a magnificent prince. I will marry you, bring you to my mother's castle and make love to you, you will give me children, we will be together forever. I will be working hard for you, while you will be at home taking care of the children, cooking with love for me, washing, ironing, being satisfied until the end of your life."
That evening the young princess smiled with pleasure in front of a nice glass of Chardonnay and nice froglegs in a delicate white wine and onion sauce.

( to Veronica - don't be jealous Charles :o) )

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