( published 4th July 2003 )

Hi All,

I have several times mentioned the confusion sometimes caused by the names of famous athletes. Like Roger Black being the only white man to run the 400 metre final in the Olympics, or in an 80's French football team with international names like Platini, Amoros, Fernandez, Genghini, Castaneda, Lopez, the only one with a real French name was Tresor,...but he was black, hehe.

Now there are other things confusing me, like for instance when I read in the papers "The Williams won again", I'm always wondering if they are talking about the tennis player sisters or the Williams-BMW formula one cars. Then, when mentioning Armstrong, are they talking about the one who went on the moon, the jazz player, or the Tour de France winner? Finally did you know there is a young star athlete coming up in Portugal in sprint. His name? Pedro Tortuga ( =turtle )...with a name like that, I don't think he will ever be a threat for other runners.

Have a nice weekend

A boat leaving the area of the sinking Titanic. On board, only two men. One to the other: "Do you realise there are still plenty of women on board the ship?" "Why, says the other, do you really think it's time to think of sex now???"

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