( published 27th May 2003 )

Hi All,

I love Luxembourgish language. It took a lot from German grammar, but added many French expressions to its vocabulary, so you get a very colourful language. Then you get those typical Luxembourg expressions that have that "Made in Luxembourg" stamp on them, and those I simply love. Aly gave me the latest example yesterday, when he sent me an e-mail in Luxembourgish, commenting next Thursday, a holiday in Luxembourg. Thursday is "Ascension" day, a catholic holiday, and Germans give us a clue on what it stands for: they call it "Christi Himmelfahrt" ( Christ's journey to heaven ), so I assume it has something to do with Jesus meeting St Peter at Heaven's Gates. Well Aly in his e-mail called it "Rakeitendag", the "Rocket Day"...Brilliant!

Have a nice day

An old man in bed with an old woman. He asks her how she likes to be made love to. She tells him that she loves a man to go down on her and asks him if he would mind. He says he would love to do that for her and goes for it, after about 30 secs he comes back up and says that he is sorry but it just smells too bad down there. She thinks for a minute and tells him that it must be the arthritis. He looks at her confused and states that surely you can’t get arthritis down there and even if you could it wouldn't cause that smell. She says no it's the arthritis in my shoulder causing it, I can't wipe my arse properly!

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