New London Tax
( published 24th January 2003 )

Hi All,

For all those not living in London, remember 17th February. That's the day London drivers will be charged GBP 5.00 per day for driving their cars in central London. Already protest groups are being formed in order to boycott the charge. Hmm I don't think they will have the guts to really counter the payment, as the penalty will be the clamping of the vehicle and a GBP 500.00 fine. It will be nice to see if that day there will be traffic jam or on the contrary empty streets. Will neighbours finally start talking to each others and share their cars for the central London trip. Poor market delivery men who deliver food and goods in the night, and leave the London area around 8am ( the charge is valid between 7am and 8pm I think ). Waaaaoww, and now the guys have an excuse for going home even later: "Sorry honey, due to the charge, I will leave the car in the workplace carpark and go for a drink. I will be home around 10pm." ) Hahaha, this will be fun, so watch out for it.

Have a nice day

Your honour, I am 75 years old. So here I am, sitting there on my porch on a warm spring evening, when a young man comes creeping up on the porch and sits beside me. He starts to rub my thigh, and it feels good, Your Honour. So I dont stop him, and he begins to rub my old breasts, Your Honour. Why, Your Honour, I havent felt that good in years! So I just spread my old legs and say to him, Take me, young man, Take me! Thats when he yelled, April Fool and thats when I shot the Fucking Son of a Bitch!!

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