( published 5th December 2002 )

Hi All,

last Sunday I made my big come back in Luxembourg volleyball. My Luxembourg sports license was reinstated, so I could play officially again with my old team mates of VC Bonnevoie. I say old, because thanks to my 38 years, I managed to lower the age average of my team by 5 years. The striking bit was that the opponents from Steinfort displayed only players I used to play against already when I was 13...There were lots of "Alex, are you still alive?" "Alex, are you still playing?" comments from the opposition during the warm up. Well, and there I was Bonnevoie II playing Steinfort III, and it was fun, like the old days. I jumped around like no tomorrow, we lost 3-0, I hurt my shoulder ( I cannot move my right arm since ), my legs are aching, I made a hole in my new shirt. Wonderful, it was simply wonderful!

Have a nice day

A man is waiting in line for a hit movie. Behind him are two women. The usher comes along and says that he has two seats together. Seeing the problem, the usher says to the man. "Let them go first. You wouldn't want to separate a woman from her mother, would you?"

The man says, "No, sir. I did that once, and I've been sorry ever since."


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