Cold London II
( published 3rd December 2002 )

Hi All,

today I told about my adventures at a London's hairdresser. Unfortunately I exxagerated my comment a bit, to which my dear friend hairdresser asked me to release the following correction:

"...Hi ALEX, great website, but I didn't pay £300 for blow job, cost me £300 to
get it treated. Wayne xxx
p.s. Hope your hair was ok..."

Sorry for the confusion mate! Everybody, have a nice day

Russian Joke!

A wife came back home after a tourist trip to France. Her husband said, "Well, darling. Tell about your trip."
"It was very interesting. First they showed us Champs Elisees. So, we walked there, and we all were raped there, except for Maria. Next day we went to see the Eiffel tower. There we were all raped, except for Maria. Next morning, we went to Notre Dame, and there we all were raped, except for Maria."
"But what was it about Maria?"
"She's so timid.... She refused each time."

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