French Kings of Maths
( published 26th November 2002 )

Hi All,

I thought Brits should be the kings in maths due to their capacity to measure in imperial system, and not the metric one, but I can see that French are not bad either. It's my friend Pi ( her real name is Senhora Doutora Fifi 3.14 ) who reminded me of it yesterday. The French say soixante for sixty, nothing extraordinary, but then they say soixante-dix ( sixty-ten ) for seventy. Then they say soixante-treize ( sixty-thirteen ) for seventy three. Funny, isn't it? But even better they say quatre-vingts ( four-twenty or 4 times 20 ) for eighty ( how boring in English ). And quatre-vingt dix ( 4 times 20 + 10 ) for ninety ( English, yaaaawn ). And so the common ninety three becomes 4 times 20 + 13: quatre vingt treize. And for a non-French person the simple calculation 93-78 will become (4X20+13)-(60+18)=...errr...hmm I need coffee!

Have a nice day

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