Vive Le Jeaubolais
( published 22nd November 2002 )

Hi All,

Vive le Jeaubolais Vouneau,...errr...le beaulojais nouveau hips... I can tell you jisch year'sch beauvolaisch wash exschell....sexcell...very good! Not after the firsht glash but after the tentsh, mmmmh, good, good,good! It tastesh like Krisch, errr Kirsch apparatently jisch year,but i Could only shmell the Cabemmert...Cambemert, shit the cheeeeeese....hehe. I wASH READY TO GO HOME ( SHIT WHERE ISH THE CAPS LOCK??? ) WHEN THISH FRENCH BANANANANANA started ( ah there it is ) stinking....errr sorry sinking....errr no SINGING "Alexandrie, Alexandra" ( you can still unload it, errr download it from my website ), and i couldnot not not not not let down my old mate claude francois ( ou est la cedille ). And they were all belle belle belle comme le jour. But now tell me: why the hell do I have 2 lamps on my desk??????????????????? stop. And why is my laptop pink? And why is my head slowly slipping onto my keyboarddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddd wake up!!!!

Have a nice weekend hips

A man goes to a Psychologist and says, "Doc I got a real problem, I can't stop thinking about sex." The Psychologist says, "Well let's see what we can find out", and pulls out his ink blots. "What is this a picture of?" he asks. The man turns the picture upside down then turns it around and states, "That's a man and a woman on a bed making love." The Psychologist says, "very interesting," and shows the next picture. "And what is this a picture of?" The man looks and turns it in different directions and says, "That's a man and a woman on a bed making love." The Psychologists tries again with the third ink blot, and asks the same question, "What is this a picture of?" The patient again turns it in all directions and replies, "That's a man and a woman on a bed making love." The Psychologist states, "Well, yes, you do seem to be obsessed with sex." "Me!?" demands the patient. "You're the one who keeps showing me the dirty pictures!"

Shit, where's the "Send" button? ( Woooo, ca tourne la cabeza )

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