( published 19th November 2002 )

Hi All,

Thank you to all those "Morning Mailers" who prefer my comments to the jokes. Yes, I have tried to simply drop the joke and only leave the comment, which provoked a revolution from a dozen of "joke preferrers", who always wondered what the heck I am talking about day in, day out, but enjoy reading the joke although they might have heard the story 100 times.
Thank you to all those "Morning Mailers" who prefer reading the joke, and asked me to drop my comments every morning, because they feel ashamed and embarrassed for me about the funnies that happen in my life. I swear I don't do them on purpose, but you guys please keep on sending me jokes, you're my source, and please, please, stop sending me 20 times the same one...otherwise I'll send it on for the 21st time.
Finally thank you to those who receive this every morning and who don't like my jokes and simply hate my morning mail. Thank you for making me discover the beauties of Microsoft Outlook XP. It lets me filter the incoming message from unsatisfied "Morning Mailers" by sorting the words "unsubscribe", "stop", "don't want", and transfer those messages straight into the recycling bin. Those messages will be ignored by me. This is excellent for my statistics on "satisfied morning mailers".
If you want to get rid of my morning mail, just drop me an e-mail with the wording "Alex, I simply love your morning mail, but I can simply not find the time to read it. It is breaking my heart, but could you please take me off your mail list?"

Hmmmm, off is too radical, I will add that word to my "filtering list.

Have a nice sunny day ( like in Luxembourg - joke )

Sister Mary burst into the office of the principal of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion parochial school in an advanced state of agitation. "Father!" she cried, "just wait until you hear this!"
The priest led the sister to a chair, and said, " Now just calm down and tell me what has you so excited?" "Well, father" the nun began, "I was just walking down the hall to the chapel and I heard some of the older boys wagering money!"
"A serious infraction, indeed!" said the priest.
"But that's not what has me so excited, father" replied the nun, " it was WHAT they were wagering ON! They had wagered on a contest to see who could urinate the highest on the wall!!"
"What an incredible wager!" exclaimed the priest, "What did you do?"
"Well, I hit the ceiling, father."
"How much did you win?"

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