Rolling Stones
( published 10th June 2002 )

Hi All,

I woke up this morning with the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" on the radio. That's a weird song with weird lyrics. When I heard the song first I was not even 12, and the only words in English I knew were yes, no and wanker.

It always sounded to me as if the lyrics "I can't get no..." are one sentence on their own, as Mick Jagger shouts it several times in the chorus without attaching "satisfaction" to it. It's only this morning I realised his English was almost as bad as mine, as in reality he should have sung "I can't get any...". But then again, would Mick Jagger allow himself to sing something like that, with all the sex he had in his life?

Have a nice day

Little boy: "Daddy, daddy, I want a machine gun."
Father: "Whaaat? you're only five. No way I will give you a machine gun."
Boy: "But Dad, that's all I want for my birthday."
Father: "Listen son, a machine gun is a weapon. You are far too young to have a machine gun."
Boy: "If you don't buy me a machine gun, I won't eat my food."
Father: "Now stop this nonsense. I said no machine gun, and that's my last word. Who's the boss here?
Boy: "You are..." and after some silence "...but if I had a machine gun..."