Party Idea
( published 30th May 2002 )

Hi All,

You invite friends for dinner, and after the meal the atmosphere is a bit...boring. Not to worry, here's what you should do to lighten up everybody. Use your Hi-Fi or a CD player and give one of your guests headphones, then let him/her choose a song, if you can give him/her the lyrics to the song,...and let him sing. With the headphones he/she is the only one to hear the song, all the others can hear is him/her shouting in a silent room...can you imagine the laughs??

I have tried this game several times ( not that my dinners would be boring, I can see you coming!!! ) and I will always remember one of my friends making a fool out of himself singing Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight", another one shouting like a madman Chris de Burgh's "Don't Pay the Ferryman" ( oooh, that was me! )...

Manon was so eager to hear her own voice she wanted to tape it, but we didn't have a tape recorder. We found a solution: she called one of our friends on the phone, and as that friend was with us at the party, his voicemail started, so she could sing into the voicemail, in my lounge, headphones on her head, phone in her hand ( I remember she massacred Patrick Bruel's "Casser la Voix" ). The funny bit is that later that friend used her recording as "welcoming message" on his voicemail, hahaha. Manon wasn't pleased!

Have a nice day

Translated from French:

Mommy comes home early from work and finds her 6 year old with a cigarette in the lounge. Horrified she shouts:
"But honey, what are you doing?"
"Well, I'm smoking!"
"You're smoking aged 6, is there anything else you would like to tell me?"
"Well, I also have sex!"
The woman is under shock. She tells the whole story to her husband, who cannot believe her and grills his son:
"Jean-Francois, have you got anything to tell me?"
"I smoke!"
"Anything else?"
"I have sex!"
"You have sex at 6, but with whom?"
Silence then:" I can't remember, I'm always pissed..."

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