Another Alex Classic
( published 20th May 2002 )

Hi All,

Cleaning time:
Karine is in the lounge dusting something somewhere, I'm in the kitchen doing the dishes, cooking pasta, whatever. I'm listening to the radio in the kitchen ( always loud!! ). Karine calls me: "Alex, mumblemumblemumblemumble..." Me: "Whaaaaaaa'''...? ( see I'm learning the accent ). Karine: "If you mumblemumblemumble..." Shit, can't hear anything, so I walk into the lounge. Karine is standing in a corner dusting, turning me her back. "Sorry, what did you say?" I ask again. Without turning towards me: "I said, if you're coming into the lounge, be careful not to step into the dust on the floor I just collected with the broom." My brain slowly digests the information given, my eyes gradually turn down towards my feet, which of course are standing right in the middle of...yes! So, in a gracious ( silent ) catlike side jump I move to the right, and I answer with my usual nonchalance ( waited 2 years to use this word in my morning mail ): "Of course, I will be careful!" You tell me, do these things really only happen to me ( or worse, to Karine )?

Have a nice week ahead

D-12 to the World Cup: I have already 62 signed up for the worldcupfootie. And now the site exists also in French!! So if you haven't done so yet sign up on . It's free, and you can win nice prizes!

Translated from French:

A little boy in a car sees a few prostitutes standing on the pavement in a "hot" part of town. He asks his father: "Dad, what are these ladies doing there?" The father, a bit embarrassed: "They are selling happiness, son!"

When they arrive at home the boy thinks he would like to buy some happiness too, so he takes his last savings, 32 pounds, and goes back to the place where he saw the prostitutes. He shows his money to one of the prostitutes, and says: "I want to buy some happiness."

The prostitute is a bit embarrassed, because of the boy's young age, but she definitely doesn't want to miss 32 pounds, so she takes the boy to her flat and offers him hot chocolate milk and 3 slices of toast with jam. The boy is over the moon.

When the little boy comes home his worried parents ask him where he has been. When hearing he went to the ladies that sell happiness, the horrified dad asks what happened. The boy answers: "No problem with the first two, but I didn't manage the third one, so I licked it instead..."