Worldcupfootie Game
( published 13th May 2002 )


For those who think they know what countries will make it at this year's Football World Cup in June, go to my fun gamepage and choose your 8 favourite teams.

For those who think football stinks, and June will be a nightmare to survive with all those fanatics around, go to my fun gamepage and beat those who think they are experts in football.

I tried to design this game as simply as possible, it is online, it's free, and you can win a few nice prizes. So please come and play, and don't forget to forward this e-mail to your friends and family.

Deadline is 30th May 5pm GMT.

Have a nice week

Ron and Terry were chatting about football in the pub after work.
"Are you going to the England v Argentina match on Wednesday?" asked Ron.
"No," replied Terry. "My wife won't let me."
"It's easy to get out of that," said Ron. "About an hour before the game, what you do is pick her up, take her to the bedroom, rip off her clothes and make mad, passionate love to her. Then she'll let you do anything you want."
"OK, I'll try that," said Terry.
The following Thursday, the two men meet up again in the pub.
"How come you didn't make it to the game," asked Ron.
"Well," said Terry, "I'll tell you what happened. About an hour before kick-off, I did as you said. I picked her up, took her to the bedroom and ripped off her clothes. And then I thought, England haven't been playing that well recently."