Big Bob - Conclusion
( published 9th May 2002 )

Dear Sarah,

I'm a little bit confused because I thought the trick with the strike would allow me to skip Friday's morning mail, but I failed there as well. I don't know how many different names for man's pride ( that was my name ) were sent to me, but a list can be found below.

To answer your question on why men ( and in my oppinion as well very often WOMEN ) talk about a penis as a third person has simply something to do with our education. As a child you're brought up with "not using certain words", and anything sexually related is among the list. Again it's amazing how many women simply are not able to say the word "penis" ( am I being too sexist here?? ). In my case ( and everybody's holding his/her breath ) I don't have a particular "third person" name for my penis, but I can imagine as a man it can be handy to use one ( name AND penis ): in case of failure during sex, you can always blame it on "the other guy" Dick, Roger or whatever!!!

Have a nice day

P.S. By the way I hate strikes that affect other people's freedom. I refused to strike on one or two occasions in Luxembourg. I consider myself far too lucky with my condition ( prrrrrrruuuuuuutttttt, sorry have to blow my nose, these statements just make me cry!!! )

Thanks for all the answers: the "full list" of comments is now visible on my new discussion forum. Everybody can participate and comment.


brain, willy, prick, dick, old chap, todger, old boy, percy, pork sword, purple headed sprunk trumpet, pink oboe, mutton gun
saak, bunnes, full, pinello, krini, spitz, sigounette, pisolino, wutz, zocisse, rupp, riem, redel, geep, gaens, zob
Maennlein, pippes, friedolin, jo ( oder johannes )
heppi, kulli, kyrpa, pippeli, isoveli, aisa, letku, muna, yksisilmainen kaarme, mikrofooni
villos, poutsos,psoli
diller dreng, tisse dyr, rynke dyr
petter niklas
zigounette, zizi, popaul, Roger, marteau
pik, piemel, plasser, tokus
Australian !?!
the one eyed trouser snake

Have a nice day

A college psychology class was studing human reaction to sexual stimulus and of special interest was the frequency of amorous relations.

''How many students here,'' said the professor, ''engage more than once a week?''
Five people raised their hands.

''And how many engage once a week?''
Ten hands went up.

''How many twice a month?''
Eight hands went up.

''Once a month?''
Four hands were raised.

''And how may once a year?''
A little guy in the back waved his hand frantically and giggled hysterically.

''If you engage only once a year,'' said the professor, ''I don't see what you're so overjoyed about.''
Flush with excitement, the little guy said, ''Yeah, but tonight's the night!''