Women Drivers
( published 3rd May 2002 )


Sorry folks overslept this morning. It's already 7.20am ( but, cchhhhhht, don't tell my boss ). Today I'll do you a favour then: I will cheat and publish somebody else's text, worth hundred of my morning mails. I simply find it hilarious, and the more often I read it, the more I believe it could have happened to me. I'd read this guy's morning mail any time. Thanks Martin for forwarding it.

"...Driving to the office this morning on the Interstate, I looked over to my
left and there was a woman in a brand new Mustang doing 65 miles per hour
with her face up next to her rear view mirror putting on her eyeliner!
I looked away for a couple seconds and when I looked back she was halfway
over in my lane, still working on her makeup!
It scared me (I'm a man) so bad, I dropped my electric shaver, which
the donut out of my other hand.
In all the confusion of trying to straighten out the car using my knees
against the steering wheel, it knocked my cell phone away from my ear which
fell into the coffee between my legs, splashed and burned Big Bob and the
Twins, ruined the phone and DISCONNECTED AN IMPORTANT CALL!

Have a nice weekend

And here the joke:

An old lady dies and goes to heaven and is chatting to St Peter at the Pearly Gates when all of a sudden she hears the most awful blood-curdling screams. "Don't worry about that," says St Peter, "it's only someone having the holes bored on their shoulder blades for the wings." The old lady looks a little uncomfortable but carries on with the conversation. Ten minutes later, there are more blood-curdling screams. "Oh my God," says the old lady, "now what is happening"? "Not to worry," says St Peter, "they are just having their head drilled to fit the halo." "I can't do this," says the old lady, "I'm off down to hell." "You can't go there," says St Peter, "You'll be raped and sodomized." "Yes, but I've already got the holes for that," says the old lady.