Last Train to London
( published 19th April 2002 )

Hi All,

Sorry for "ignoring" you for 2 days, but internet connection in Birmingham was impossible ( at least in my hotelroom ), so I preferred to skip my morning mail for a while.

Hahaha, there is this story of that guy who wanted to travel by train from Birmingham to London, and ended up traveling on a train to Southampton. He noticed in Reading ( 1 and half hours south west of London ), and his 1 1/2 hour journey from Birmingahm to London took him 4 hours instead. Oooh Alex, you're such an idiot...ooops did I say Alex?

Have a nice day

Directly translated from Luxembourgish:

2 old guys are sitting on a bench with their wives.

1st guy to the second: "Henry, I have found a fantastic medicine against Alzheimer!"

Henry: "Really, what's the name?"

Puzzled the first guy wonders:"Gosh, what's the bloody name again? Henry, help me, it is a flower name..."

"Hmmmm, lilly?"

"No, it's red!"

"A tulip?"


"A rose?"

"YES,yes, that's it!"

Then turning around to his wife:

"Rose, honey, do you remember the name of that medicine I am taking?"