Sunny Algarve
( published 2nd April 2002 )

Morning All,

I'm on holiday. Portugal, south, Algarve! Hmmmm, Algarve, sandy beaches, sun, beer, shellfish, blossoming almond trees, oranges,...aaaaahhh!

I haven't been on the beach, because the weather is shit...except today apparently, but then again I'm leaving tomorrow. I haven't had one single beer, because I'm trying to lose some weight, no shellfish because...I forgot. I have seen the almond trees and the orange trees, simply because I went walking in the rain. The smell is fantastic, although I would have preferred sunshine and no smell.


Have a nice ( sunny ) week
Alex Crement

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Two Bedouins were in the middle of a desert. When one gets something blown into his eye. His companion takes a look at his eye for him and says, "Hold still Abdul, it might be sand."