Hi All,

In Germany environmentally friendly products are called "Bio-Produkte", in France they are "des produits bio"...So imagine my surprise a few years back, when I moved to England, and discovered in supermarkets "bio washing powder". Of course I used that straight away; although not a Greenpeace "sitting-on-the-roof-of-a-nuclear-tower-with-chains-around-my-neck" activist, I hide my guilt by buying green products that I am sure ( OOOHHH YEAAHH ) will save the world.

I should have been more careful: I became suspicious the day I saw Non-Bio washing powder. So in England they were openly "promoting a product that was not good for the environment"??? Then there was the price: non-bio was more expensive than bio. Waooow now there's a shock: Green "stuff" always costs double usually...and then I started to read the label. It doesn't tell you what it is, but usually what it is not, remember? And I realised that non-bio washing powder has been dermatologically tested and should avoid skin allergies...that's all.

So not only what I had been buying was not good for the environment, but it would surely give me an itchy skin. Marvellous, simply maaaaarvellous!

Have a nice day


These three men went into business together and the first one said: 'I put up sixty-five percent of the capital, so I'm the president and chairman of the board.' 'I put up thirty percent of the money,' said the second, 'so I'm appointing myself vice president, secretary and treasurer.' 'Well I put up five percent,' pointed out the third partner. 'What's that make me?' The chairman said, 'I'm appointing you vice president of sex and music.' 'That sounds mighty fine,' said the third man, 'but what does it mean?' 'It means what when I want your fucking advice, I'll whistle.'