( published 4th March 2002 )


Good morning All,

I have been told that too many of my jokes are about sex...hmmmm really? Maybe they are the funny ones...well this week will be my no-sex-joke-week. Just a little challenge to find out if there are some "decent" funnies out there.

I am having again one of those "blank" mornings with no idea ( stupid or not ) I could talk about. Maybe that no-sex thing is hindering my creative talent ( hahaha, I know, I know, this sounds pompous, just kidding, just kidding! ). It's already difficult to write some nonsense at 6am, so if on top of it one has to be careful about what the nonsense will be, it does not help. Most of the time I cannot remember at 10 what I wrote about earlier on, so now I actually will have to...will have to...what did I want to say?....ooooh yes, coffee! That's what I want now, coffee!

Have an excellent day, folks!


Civil servants in France and Luxembourg are not known for being very "active". Here some translated jokes: - Civil servants make the best husbands: when they come home, they are not tired, and they have already read the paper! - How do 2 civil servants greet each others in the hall? "So, you suffer of insomnia too?" - The favourite game of civil servants? MIKADO, the first one to move loses... - 3 boys in the schoolyard: First one: "My dad is really fast. He has a Ferrari, that reaches 350 km/hour! Second: " My dad has a private jet. He beats anyone in speed! Third: "My dad is the fastest. He has a Citroen 2CV ( Dolly ), he is a civil servant, and when he finishes work at 5pm, he is at home at 4.30..." - "Please, please, don't tell my mother I am a civil servant. She thinks I am working..."