The Athlete
( published 22nd February 2002 )


Hi All,

When I was younger and active in athletics I used to start my trainings with a nice 3 kilometre run on the track. It was fun to accelerate in the last 600 metres. I usually did it because I wanted to get over it. In other words, it would take me 2 minutes to cover the last bit of the distance. Done, dusted.

Yesterday I went to the gym. I decided to program a 20 minute jog on the running machine. Everything started fine. From time to time I put an eye on the "all mighty" stats: after 17 minutes, I had covered a distance of 2,400 metres. OK, I thought, let's go for it for the last 600 metres, harhar. I pressed the speed button and pushed it up to 12 km/h, then 14 km/h. Hahaha look at me I'm flying...

Can you see the catch? Well I couldn't. I had programmed the machine on TIME, not distance, so, well, I managed to cover my 600 metres in 2 minutes, but...I had another minute to run!!! Doooh...Embarrassing to stop the machine with other people watching over your shoulder checking if you will manage the full time at maniac speed...

Have a nice day


A young man hired by a supermarket reported for his first day of work. The manager greeted him with a warm handshake and a smile, gave him a broom and said, "Your first job will be to sweep out the store." "But I'm a college graduate," the young man replied indignantly. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that," said the manager. "Here, give me the broom - I'll show you how."