Night Shift
( published 20th February 2002 )


Hi All,

When you work from home, there are a few rules you have to follow in order to avoid problems:

- do not give your mobile phone number to your customers
- if you give your mobile phone number to your customers, do not forget to switch it off after working hours
- if you forget to switch it off after working hours, this is what might happen to you ( or actually to me last night ):
- HELLOOOOOOO ( that's me )
- HELLOOOOO ( slightly annoyed, sorry no, FUCKING annoyed )
-...Is this Alex?
-YEAAAHHH...who are you?
- This is...piiip...from...piiiip... in the States. We have a problem in accessing your demo site. I wanted to leave you a message on your voicemail. Sorry for waking you up, sorry, sorry, sorry
- No problem I call you tomorrow....
- Thank you, sorry Alex, sorry, sorry, sorry....

Listen and learn! But bloody hell, you really have to be American to deliberately call someone in order to chat with his voicemail !!!!

Have a nice day


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