French Lolita
( published 10th January 2002 )

Hi All,

on 30th November 2001 I sent a morning mail under the title "French Invasion" ( for my self promotion, check it out under my Morning Mail Archives ), the last paragraph mentioned a young French singer: "...You Brits, remember this one, Alizee will come to threaten you in January. Alizee is French, 15 years old, she was singing France's major summer hit "Lolita" this year. From January onwards it will be England's turn to hear the young lady ( sorry, don't know if it will be in French or English )..."

Have I promised too much? In today's Times second section, a whole page is dedicated to Alizee ( with pictures ). Aaaaahh, these marketing machines work really well.

Have a nice day


P.S. By the way, have you seen "Amelie" yet?? Don't miss this year's Oscar winning movie!

Translated from French:

2 guys under the shower. One to the other: "Hey mate, you have a kork up your ass!!" -Yeah, I know, I know...Happened yesterday. I had a quarrel with my wife, and went for a walk to calm down. I found a lamp on the pavement and out came a genie. "I give you one wish," he said. - So, what did you say? - No shit!