Moonlight Picnic
( published Tuesday, 11th December 2001 )

Ciaoooooooo a Tutti,

It's a shame picnics are not trendy anymore. In the old days one used to pack some food, drive out on the countryside and enjoy a nice chicken leg or beef sandwich on the grass, or sometimes in the car when it was raining. Yes, those were the days!

Well yesterday evening I experienced the feeling again, having my Chinese take away in my car while waiting for the AA ( Automobile Association ) to help me with my broken down car. The heater was not working, so the windscreen was totally mist up...Aaaah just like when I was 18 with that girl from my class....sorry this is a different story.

Have a nice day


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. In average I get 4 to 5 daily replies to my morning mails. Yesterday you were 27 ( plus 2 phone calls!! ) to tell me that the misunderstood joke meant "celebrate" vs "celibate" ( and not "celebate" as half of you wrote, you morons - hehe my revenge! ). Remember this one?
Shout for help, nobody will listen
Be polite, say Good morning, nobody will answer
Condemn war and injustice, nobody will react

but fart only once...

A guy went to a psychiatrist because he was having severe problems with his sex life. The psychiatrist asked him a lot of questions, but he couldn’t get a clear picture of the problems. Finally he asked, "Do you ever watch your girlfriend's face while you're having sex?" "Well, yes, I did once." "Well, how did she look?" "Oh boy, she looked very angry!" At this point the psychiatrist felt that he was really getting somewhere. "Well that's very interesting, we must look into this further. Now tell me, you say that you have only seen your girlfriend's face once during sex. That seems somewhat unusual. How did it occur that you saw her face that time?" "She was watching us through the window."