French Christmas
( published Monday, 10th December 2001 )

Hi All,

It's this time of the year again, December, pre-Christmas, it iiiiis....STRIKING TIME in France!!!

This season, the fun started early with air controllers on strike last week, followed closely by student doctors on strike last Thursday.

All this though happened one week after a big protest march in Paris about the way French government handles the AIDS problem: funny, Bernard Kouchner, French health minister, was part of the march. Hahaha, can you picture him shouting with the others: " I'M-A-WANKER! I'M-A-WANKER..."

Then we had the gendarmes on strike ( local police force ). But they found an agreement last night...Hmmm, strange, state police will now go on strike this week...Jealous bastards, haha! Aaah, and don't forget school teachers on strike from Thursday this week.

Aaaaaaaah, I love this action in France during Christmas period. Watch out if you intend to travel to Paris. I haven't heard anything yet about taxi drivers, buses or metros, but... And avoid the Eurostar too...

Have a nice week anyway

Alex :o)