TV Presenter Voting
( published Thursday, 6th December 2001 )


Yesterday evening I was ready to go home after hard hard day of work ( my boss is reading my morning mails, I found out...), when the following e-mail arrived in my inbox: "Hi everyone. My friend's sister is trying to get into TV presenting. Please help her along by voting for her on this page: The votes are done online please can you look at the following link and vote here for 'Kathleen Baker'. Thanks everyone. Darren."

Darren is a mate, he always sends me jokes ( sorry, "good" jokes ), and I thought, "what the heck", let's help out Miss Kathleen Baker. I followed the link and Hi, here she was, with a little picture, and a 25 seconds audition bit...OK Alex, press "Vote" and go home...Noooooooooooo, little nosy Alex had to check the audition, and little curious Alex had to go and....check out the other 11 candidates as well... Darren you're gonna hate this, but I voted for the one just next to your friend's sister's picture. The picture is much uglier, but I found her better in presenting the stuff ( no she wasn't naked, you morons ). So the least I can do for you now is send this to my morning mail friends, so maybe one or more of them might vote for Kathleen. Soooorrryy!

Have a nice day


P.S. Has your friend got a gun?............Go Holly go!!

Translated from Brazilian ( well, actually it's Portuguese, but believe me it sounds different ): They were launching a brand new 180 degrees cinema in Brasil. The owner was very proud, there was a huge party, and everybody wanted to assist at the very first session. At the end of the movie, nobody came out of the building. The cinema goers were all dead. And the owner said: "I guess, we should go back to more normal temperatures in here."

What do we bet, not one single Brit has laughed at this one...I know, it's a different sense of humour.