Thursday, 8th November 2001


Hi All,

People say "there's no trust in the big cities anymore". Not sure, think about the following:

Yesterday I was on my platform waiting for my train. The Sidcup train arrives, it is announced on the electronic board AND announced via loudspeaker. Still there is this woman who shouts into the train. Excuse me, Sir, is this the Sidcup line? Yes, comes the answer. And she jumps in. That's it. Millions spent in high technology to bring you the most advanced communication tools ( sounds like my Exidio speeach, haha ), and still all this woman is relying on is the "yes" of a total stranger, who might just be a stupid foreigner who only knows one word in English, and is too eager to use it when he hears the right intonation in other people's voices. .....I confess, it was me who answered yes, and I was actually praying that I was on the right train myself.

Some people are so full of trust, others so full of shit. Problem is when the former meet the latter ( ...I know, it's a bit early in the morning ).

Have a nice day


I was on a flight to Hong Kong once. The flight would be seven hours long, so I decided to get some shuteye. I was soon awakened by the stewardess, who asked me if I would like some dinner. I said, "What are my choices?" And she said, "Yes or no."