Friday, 2ndNovember 2001

London Weekend

EUROFOOTIE 2001/2002 DAYS -4

Buongiorno a tutti,

I am looking forward to a nice walk through London ( hope markets will be open this time ), then go and visit a gallery or museum.

Baz, thank you for your encouraging e-mail around me going to supermarkets ("...Erm Alex, I think maybe you have lost the plot completely this time. You really should get out more, you know to pubs, restaurants etc. Hanging around Tescos is doing you no favours..." ).

So tomorrow I will follow your advice, I'll start my day in the pub, where I will have my 3 or 4 pints ( sorry, in my case 6 to 8 half pints ), then I'll have a nice pie and mash, assorted with a few sausages, topped with that delicious greeny shiny gravy, and why not add some eels to the menu? ) Then I will go to Chelsea's football ground, where after having spent 100 quid on a ticket in the black market, I will be shouting, screaming, burping, probably throwing up, ooops one-nil, screaming, encourage my favourite team ( whoever that is will depend on who are the supporters sitting next to me )...Finally I will go back to the pub, where in front of some more half pints I will sing along "EEEEnnnngland, England, EEEEngland....until they kick me out at 11pm, and I spend another 30 quid to be driven home by cab after missing my last train.

Ooooh nooo, I AM becoming a Londoner...

Nice weekend


Translated from French again:

3 lady friends together. "It's funny, when I give Pierre a blowjob, his testicles are always cold." "How funny, same with Bernard, when I give him a blowjob, he has cold testicles. And you, when you give Christophe a blowjob, are his testicles cold too??" Silence....then "Well, I have never done it.." "Noooo, really, come on, you have to try it, etc..." Following day, same 3 together again. Last one crying: "Yesterday I gave Christophe a blowjob, and he left me!" "What? Is he crazy, why?" "I don't know, I just said: waoow, your balls are really hot, not like Pierre and Bernard's!"