Thursday, 25th October 2001

Business Idea

EUROFOOTIE 2001/2002 DAYS -12

Good morning All,

New Euro coins and notes from 1st January 2002. What I find amazing is that, although there will be 7 common Euro notes available to the public, one will see 96 different Euro coins across the continent. As picked up from the net, "...There are 8 euro coins denominated in 2 and 1 euros, then 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. Every euro coin will carry a common European face. On the obverse, each Member State will decorate the coins with their own motifs...".

Don't you believe there will be hundreds, thousands of kids ( small and adult ) who will fight to get their "full collection" of 96 coins. "Waoow cool, have you seen? I've got almost all Euro coins. I can exchange a Belgian 5 cents coin against a Portuguese 50 cents one ( just to show the level of importance of each coin )."

Then imagine the French butcher receiving a Finnish 1 Euro coin: "Ooooh merci, I will keep it for my son..."and the customer "...can you please give my change back in Austrian money, I'm lacking some coins there.Haven't got any? Ohh shame.."

So you folks looking for a business idea: grab now the domain name ( still free ) and make money by taking commission fees on European kids exchanging their coins across Europe with other kids online.

Isn't this great?? I am definitely a selfless person ( finger in my mouth: arrrrgh, puke, puke puke ).

Have a nice day


Three old men were sitting around and talking. The 80 year-old said, "The best thing that could happen to me would just to be able to have a good pee. I stand there for twenty minutes, and it dribbles and hurts. I have to go over and over again."

The 85 year-old said, "The best thing that could happen to me is if I could have one good bowel movement. I take every kind of laxative I can get my hands on and it's still a problem."

Then the 90 year-old said, "That's not my problem. Every morning at 6:00am sharp, I have a good long pee. At 6:30 am sharp I have a great bowel movement. The best thing that could happen to me would be if I could wake up before 7:00 am."