Monday, 22nd October 2001

Brussels Sprouts

Hi All,

Brussels is nice. Very nice. But dangerous, very dangerous. Restaurants with cheap food are waiting at every corner. So, when like me you are walking around the shopping streets, hunger is always your best friend. Thank God I am on a pineapple diet. That means I eat everything except pineapple. But in Brussels you can get a lot of things without pineapple. And when watching Belgian people ( especially around their 40s ) they are not the slimmest, oh no ! That's why today my scale still remembers the mussels, frites mayonnaise, Waterzooi and other chocolates I "tested" over the last 4 days.

Have to go now, all this made me hungry. Croissant time...

Have a nice day


When Charles de Gaulle decided to retire from public life, the British ambassador and his wife threw a gala dinner party in his honor. At the dinner table the Ambassador's wife was talking with Madame deGaulle.

"Your husband has been such a prominent public figure, such a presence on the French and International scene for so many years! How quiet retirement will seem in comparison. What are you most looking forward to in these retirement years?"

"A penis," replied Madame deGaulle. A huge hush fell over the table. Everyone heard her answer... and no one knew what to say next.

Le Grand Charles leaned over to his wife and said: "Ma cherie, I believe ze English pronounce zat word 'appiness!'"