Tuesday, 16th October 2001

Who's Old II?

Hi All,

First of all thank you very much for the 30 e-mails wishing me "Happy Birthday" yesterday after my morning mail "Who's Old". It was very touching. I also felt like the hurt artist, lonely in a corner, misunderstood by the whole world,....because IT WASN'T MY BIRTHDAY ! Come back on 7th June, please. Let me repeat that prosaic sentence that provoked this rush of love among my adored fans ( Hey, I like that, total bullshit, but I like it ). "...Yesterday I was confronted with the word old. I'm 37, so am I old now or not?..." No, I was NOT saying yesterday was my birthday, nonononononono. Still, have to improve my style, hahaha...

Wanna know ( sorry ) Do you want to know ( ahhh, better , ain't it? ) next year's Oscar winner for the the best foreign movie?? Go and see "Amelie", a very, very funny French movie. It's different. Amelie, who lives in Montmartre, finds weird ways to help her neighbours get happy, the guy who wrote the story had splendid ideas. Go and see it.

Now, have to run, today is suit and tie day ( no, I'm not going for a job interview !! ).

Have a nice day all, and please....drive them mad!


A very elderly couple went to see a lawyer. They were ushered gently into the lawyer's inner office, and sat across the desk from the attorney who was studying the couple's papers. He looked up after a moment. "How can I help you today, Mr. and Mrs. Watson?" The woman piped up in a thin, reedy voice. "We've come to get your help in filing for a divorce." "A divorce?" The lawyer was stunned. "If you don't mind my asking, how old are you two?" "I'm 98 and my husband just turned 101." "Let me get this straight. It says here you've been married since 1917. The two of you obviously aren't going to be around too many more years. Why a divorce, after all this time?" "Well," said the woman, "we wanted to wait until the children were dead."