Wednesday, 5th September 2001


Hi All,

tatatatatatatatatataaaaaaaaa...Poor you, I'm back. I know, it was a long break, but as my friend Robertino says, " it was well needed"...

My dream came true; in three weeks I wanted to lose weight in Southern France, I did...go to Southern France. Tough hiking programme for Karine and myself for 4 days, but what a reward in the restaurants when we came back at the end of the day. I was tough, only took salads, but I forgot in France "salads" consist of 2 or 3 pieces of lettuce and huuuuuuge portions of "lardons and croutons", in other words "calorie bombs". And I tried to cut on alcohol. I only took one...type of wine per meal ( the choice was there, Cotes du Rhone, Cotes de Provence, Cotes du Ventoux... ), and only one glass ( hmmm, sometimes 3 or 4 ). So I don't understand in 3 weeks I only lost 160grams. Cannot be the 2 weeks I spent in Algarve at the beginning of my holidays with my mother cooking Portuguese dishes in olive oil, can it??

Have a nice, smiling week.


A woman pregnant with triplets is walking down the street when a masked robber runs out of a bank and shoots her three times in the stomach. Luckily the babies are OK. The surgeon decides to leave the bullets in because it's too risky to operate. All is fine for 16 years and then one daughter walks into the room in tears. "What's wrong?" asks the mother. "I was having a wee and this bullet came out," replies the daughter. The mother tells her it's OK and tells her what happened 16 years ago. About a week later the second daughter walks into the room in tears. "Mum, I was having a wee and this bullet came out". Again the mother tells her not to worry and explains what happened 16 years ago. A week later the boy walks into the room in tears. "It's OK," says the mother, "I know you were having a wee and a bullet came out? "No", says the boy, "I was having a wank and I shot the dog!"