Tuesday, 14th August 2001

Portuguese Fridges


I got some stick for mentioning yesterday that the sea was blue, at 1am ( how many drinks before you saw the sea blue in the middle of the night blablabla? ). Well come to Mig's place, the Artebar, and check for yourself. That cemetery opposite his bar is the 5 star hotel I want to spend my eternity in, once I die ( as late as possible ): white walls, jazz music every evening, seaview, what else do you need????

It's 1am and I'm sitting on my balcony, overlooking Albufeira and having some nice "chourico assado" and a glass of red wine. I almost set the laptop on fire ( can you smell that burnt thing?? ), but it's worth it. Shame I'm on my own. These things should be done with 10 to 20 people around. Why don't you come down here and join me?? By the way, the fridge I ordered last Tuesday finally arrived in my flat. No, not the one I bought from that stupid shop Worten, waited for on Thursday from 3 till midnight, then from Saturday from 7.30am till 2.30, but the one I picked up myself with Miguel after I got my money back from Worten. See, it's not only English I'm having a go at. In the shop, the moment they cancelled the delivery, and the delivery man ensured he would deliver the thing same afternoon, I shouted through the shop he could stick it up his...I got my money back from the central cashier, you know the place where you have the main microphone, remember: "Manuel, please come to TV section , Manuel!" I was so tempted to grab the bloody mic and shout: "Worten is SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT" ( wonder why I didn't do it. I'm not a customer from hell for nothing ).

Hope you have a nice day.

See you soon


Heard in Mig's bar ( translated from Portuguese ): What is the most similar thing to women's period? A salary, because 1) it comes once a month 2) it lasts for 4 to 5 days 3) if it doesn't arrive, you're fucked!"

Thanks Rosa