Wednesday, 1st August 2001

Communication Problem


Enjoy the sunny, hot weather, apparently it won't last for much longer. Shame I was starting to get used to it. Of course it was a bit too hot, but when you have spent almost 7 to 8 months of frustrating grey, wet conditions, it has been a relief to have a bit of "Algarve" in London. To make the feeling perfect one should have gone to the Notting Hill area, where there is a large Portuguese commercial presence, have some seafood in a a nice tavern, and watch a nice football game on a large screen.

Haha, I've learnt a little lesson today, never mix private life with business. Last week I met a good old friend to introduce him and his company to Exidio's product Trezone. There were 5 other people present. We exchanged cards and views, but of course I did not give my business card to my friend, hey we've known each others for years. After the meeting I sent him a quick e-mail and thanked him for everything. I also asked for some more info...Never received a reply. What a wanker! No answer?...until today, 10 days later, when my colleague forwarded me an e-mail coming from this friend. Firstly by mistake I sent that e-mail to my friend's e-mail address, which he hardly ever reads, secondly with the millions of e-mail addresses I possess, plus my homepage ( and hey my e-mail address is , that's complicated isn't it? ), this guy did not know where and how to reach me...Best pals, bad communication. Very easy to create a "diplomatic misunderstanding" here. Ooooops, and now my dad has got e-mail too, should I send him a business card as well? ( no worries, no morning mails to him, he doesn't speak English ).

Have a nice day


A man and a woman were involved in a terrible car accident and both cars were totaled. They climbed from the wreckage and the woman stood in awe. ''Our cars are demolished, yet we walk unharmed. This must be a sign from God that we are to be best friends for the rest of our lives,'' she spoke wisely. ''I agree completely, ma'am,'' the man replied. The woman stepped closer to examine the damage and noticed something shiny within her car. Reaching in, she pulled out an unbroken bottle. ''This bottle of wine wasn't even cracked. I think this is another sign that we are to drink a toast to our new friendship.'' ''That's a great idea, miss,'' the man answered taking the bottle from her. He popped the cork and drank his share. ''I'm sorry. How rude of me. Would you like some?'' ''No, thanks,'' came the reply. ''I'll just wait on the cops to get here.''