Monday, 23rd July 2001


Good morning,

We live in South East London, and yesterday we decided to meet up with a friend some 70 kilometres away from our home, in a village called Hatfield, right north of London. We drove all the way up there and met our friend in a pub opposite the railway station of Old Hatfield. He lives in South West London.

During those 6 years in the UK, I never ever had been in Hatfield. So we checked out a tourist guide, and discovered there is a beautiful house one can visit, the Hatfield House, that belongs to the Salisburys, a huge mansion/palace. We spent a couple of hours there, visiting the gardens, etc In the evening, on our way home, Karine and I decided to stop in Surrey Quays and go for a meal, afterwards to the movies. Being an unlucky owner of Eidos shares, owners and developers of the famous computergame "Tomb Raider: Lara Croft", we took tickets for that movie. In the movie Lara is an English lady who loves adventure, and lives in a huge mansion/palace....Hatfield house. I couldn't believe it.

Different subject last Friday night we were waiting for a taxi near Cannon Street for our friend David. After 15 minutes, one finally stopped. David gets in, we wave, bye bye, wave again the taxi starts, stops after 10 yards, and out comes David with his umbrella again. What happened? The cab driver criticised the way David entered his taxi, so David told him to fuck off. See I'm not the only "customer from hell".

Anyway time for coffee now, have an excellent week ahead.


P.S. The answer to my question: "Why do French say "pede comme un phoque"? ( as queer as a seal? ). It's an old sailors expression, and originally was spelled " pede comme un foc" ( as queer as a jib ). The jib is the sail you raise when you have strong rear winds. So, but why did French sailors associate that with homosexuality. Because the jib "lies in the front, and takes all from the back..." Easy, isn't it?

Little Annie was sobbing in the garden and her next door neighbour looked over to see her finishing covering a large mound in the garden with earth. What's the matter Annie asks the neighbour My goldfish just died Why such a big hole Because your fucking cat ate it

Thanks Lawrence