Wednesday, 11th July 2001

Graduation Day

What time is it?

Quick, quick, quick, Grandma is getting her graduation diploma in Westminster today. Overslept again. Everybody getting dressed at moment, so still a few minutes left for the morning mail. What do you mean, who's Grandma? Karine of course. I went to a retirement party the other day, and she just had her post graduate diploma from London College of Fashion.

I must admit these ceremonies are bloody boring. Her mother and I have to be in the abbey at 9.30, sit down at 10 and the ceremony starts at 10.30 ( until 1pm, uaaaaaa ). This is the second time I assist at her graduation. Last year we were in Rochester for her BA with honours. Oh God, please, do not allow her to start a Master of Arts, now...I wouldn't survive a third ceremony. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of what my ex-accountant grandma did.

Have a nice day


From Charles: You're right, Charles, I definitely do not understand the following one, but it definitely is now part of those mysteries in life I will keep on investigating about like, what's in the Bermuda Triangle, or why is white white, how did virgin Mary get pregnant, etc... Thanks very much... although I didn't get it, I sense this joke fits you.

"Jim walked down to the pub at midday for a quiet lunchtime beer. Just as he was about enter the pub, he stood in a dog turd, slipped and skidded through the pub entrance, landing in a heap at the bar opposite the door. He picked himself up, ordered a beer, cleaned himself while it was being pulled, and then took that first heady sip from the glass. Seconds later, another person came flying through the door with shit all over his shoes. "I just did that!" said Jim. The second man stood up and hit Jim."

Charles' comment: "You foreigners may have to think carefully to understand the joke. I think its hilarious."