Wednesday, 11th July 2001

Joke Invention

Good morning,

Sorry my brain is blank today again. I am standing with my laptop in the kitchen, and I don't know what to write about. Does this mean my life has become boring and dull? Or is it that I have told you everything you needed to know? Is it the end of the morning mail ( who said yooohooo? )?

Maybe I should just give you a nice long joke instead. By the way who invents jokes? I remember that my former colleague Ismo invented a joke once. It was a good one, but I don't know if Swedes will like it. For all "non scandinavians", you should know that for Finns Swedes are all homosexuals! So once I am telling my colleague Ismo the following joke:

"Ismo, did you know there are 4 kinds of orgasms? A positive one, a negative one, a religious one, and a fake one! The positive one goes like this: Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes...The negative one: Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no,..... The religious one: Oh God, oh God, oh God....... And the fake one: Oh Ismo, oh Ismo, oh Ismo, oh Ismo...."

And Ismo laughed: "Hahahahahahahahahaha ooohh shit!" I said: "And what orgasm is that?" Ismo: "Must be the Swedish one!"

And that's how you invent a joke. ( Hmmm I knew I should have given you the joke straight away today )

Have a nice day


Translated from German

A swiss couple is arriving in London airport and take a cab to their hotel. The cabbie asks: "Where are you from?" The husband: "We're from Switzerland." The wife ( in German ):"What did he say?" The husband: "He asked where we are from, and I told him Switzerland." The cabbie:"Where in Switzerland do you live?" The husband:"We are from Basel." The wife:"What did he say?" The husband already irritated:"He asked where we live in Switzerland, and I told him in Basel." The cabbie:"Oh Boy, in Basel I had the worst fuck in my life." Wife:"What did he say?" Him: "He knows you."