Thursday, 5th July 2001

Left Hand Drive

Good morning,

I'm back. And no "uuuuaaaahhh" today. I'm fine, well I think I am.

Yesterday someone asked me a very stupid question: "How can you have a left hand drive car in England?" My dear friend, as long right hand drive car prices will be 20-30 percent higher than left hand drive ones, I'll stick with the "continental" version. Then when do you really really need the steering wheel on the right side? When you're overtaking, isn't it: now, where can you overtake in England? All you have is traffic jams in London, or motorways, and when once you are on a normal country road behind a tractor or a lorry, you stay behind it, because there is so much traffic there is no way you'll be able to overtake, even with a steering wheel on the roof!

Left hand drive is fun, it puts you in weird situations sometimes: in a desert street in Bromley once, in the middle of the night I forced a British car onto the right side of the road. I showed him my headlights at least 10 times, and he gave up !!! I even shouted at him like a madman, until Karine calmly told me, I WAS the one who should be arrested. Soooooorrry!

And here, a visual example I'm sure you never thought of, but it's really fun: on the motorway we were on the left lane, Karine was driving. Slowly a right hand drive car overtook us on the right lane, and for a few seconds, I was watching to my right the passenger of the other car, who was watching me. Imagine the scene. I was just centimetres away from him. 2 bored idiots staring at each others, for a few seconds we could have opened our windows and started a brief chat.

Anyway, right hand drive for me? Thank you, but no thank you! I tried it once, and the first time I kept on wanting to open the door instead of changing gears.

Have a nice day