Wednesday, 4th July 2001



Today uuuaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm feeling arglrgllalrgl, don't ask me why. I have difficulties in seeing those damn letters on my keyboard. Who the hell invented this order QWERTY for the letters?I'm always missing the right ones, and "Alex" becomes "Slex"... Also I donwloaded, sorry downloaded MSN Meessenger from Microsaoft and that stupid machine is asking me if I want to update my version, right in the middle of my typing. Foirst, I hate being interrupted in my writing at 6 in the morn', then why can't I display the famous box "Do not evr ever ever show this message again?" . All I get is a box saying "Do you wan to update now?" or " I will remind you next week". Nonononononononono do not remind me next week, I DO NOT WANT YOU TO REMIND ME AT ALL. NOW WHO THE HELL HAS PRESSED THE CAPS LOCK bvutton by mistake? Hmm Hmm? Stupid machine, will throw you out of the window soon. Bloody cats, nonono you'll wait until I've finished with my morning mail before getting your food.. Yes and you Tinis no need to shit in the plants on the balcony, so the smell is unbearable while I'm having my coffee outside, grrrrrr...

So now what did I want to write about today? Can't remember...Who cares I'm out of here. I hope you'll get up alright.

Have a nice day and peace on earth ( ....talking about piss..._+o- shit can't find the ) button ohh here it is )


Here a joke?

You must be joking

Thanks Slex

Who said I'm grumpy?