Tuesday, 3rd July 2001

Luxembourg Sports Country

Good morning,

My friend Marc's comments about Luxembourg's football skills annoyed some of you Brits.

What one tends to forget is that Luxembourg, with its 370,000 inhabitants has a long history in sports titles. Who remembers, that Josy Barthel won the 1,500m in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki? Or that the now so famous Tour de France in cycling was won 4 times by 3 "Burgers": Nic Frantz, Francois Faber and Charly Gaul in 1958? They even called Gaul "the angel of the mountain", he invented wings before Red Bull.

Marc is not wrong with what he said: the financial market situation, the privileged status of Luxembourg's banks prevents youngsters from becoming accomplished sportsmen. Imagine the 14 year old gifted Luxembourger in football: he gets the opportunity to go to Bayern Munich's football school. Success chances in professional football, 20% ( only 20 out of 100 youngsters turn professionals in football schools ). Plus imagine the pressure from the Lux press: "14 year old Luxy playing for Bayern, yooohooo!" On the other hand the possibility to finish quiet studies in Luxembourg, then find a nice easy job in a bank,own a car, a house etc...What do you think will he choose? Or his parents?

So please all out there, gods of football ( when was England last world champion? ), do not hit my fellow Luxies! Did you know that an 18 year old Luxembourger, Tessy Scholtes, is junior European champion in karate? But of course that was easy. It's not a discipline where the opponents earn millions and are pumped up with drugs. Because she's from Luxembourg nobody notices, but believe me, she is really good looking, here in England the press wouldn't stop showing pictures of her if she had been English.

One thing is sure: when you go to a Luxembourg stadium, the referee gets the same amount of abuse from a Luxembourg public than an English one would from an English public.

Have a nice day


Dear Abby:

My husband is a dirty lying cheat. He tells me he loves me, but he has cheated our entire marriage and with every kind of woman imaginable. He is charming, a good provider and has many friends and supporters (many of whom he has bedded).They know he is a lying cheat, but they just avoid the issue. He is a hard worker but many of his coworkers are leery of him. Because I scream a lot and try to control most everything, they think I am the "heavy" and a bitch. Every time he gets caught,he first denies it all, then he admits that he was wrong and begs me to forgive him. This has been going on for so long, everyone in town knows he is a cheat. I don't know what to do.

Signed: Frustrated ......

Dear Frustrated: Why don't you move to New York and run for the Senate?

Thanks Marc