Thursday, 14th June 2001

Pain in the Back

Hi All,

It's Thursday morning, and I'm just back from a short trip in Helsinki. As I couldn't connect to the net, I missed out a few morning mails ( lucky you ), but I'd like today to publish the one I had prepared for Tuesday: "... Itís Monday eve, and Iím on my way to Helsinki ( again ). This time the adventure, or the challenge on my shoulders, is to sit straight for 3 and a half hours in the plane with an awful lumbago, or in other words a bloody pain in my lower back. Oooh, I did that this morning, when I bent to get myÖ.cup of coffee. No joke! Hadnít realised how dangerous it is to sip a coffee at 10 in the morning. Now Iím suffering and trying to find the right sitting position. When Iím standing I look like the hunchback of Notre-Dame ( no, not the face ). When I sit down, I look like the hunchback of Notre-Dame ( yes, this time the face too ), the only comfortable position is lying down on the floor. Hmmm, donít think Iím allowed to that on this Finnair flight though.

This situation happens to me at least twice a year, the worst example was a few years ago, when I spent a long week end in Geneve and Lausanne ( Trine, you might remember that ). On a Saturday afternoon, in the middle of the pedestrian high street of Lausanne, an unbearable pain down my back forced me straight to the ground. The relief of lying on the floor was for me the same as for someone who has his arse on fire jumping into a basin with cold water. Aaaaaahh! But now imagine all those Swiss people around watching that nutter lying on the pavement smiling with delight. And imagine the faces of the friend couple who had invited me over for the week end. Well the guy, Manuel, knew me well, but his wife had never met me before. What an impression I must have left. Well, itís simple, this was in 1997, and they never invited me again since, hehe ( no, itís not funny ).

Iím already looking forward to tomorrowís in-house meetings; 9.30 til 17.00, then evening meeting until 21.30. That will be fun. I hope at least youíll enjoy your day.

Keep smiling, Iíll keep grinning