Monday,11th June 2001

Luxembourg Weddings

Good morning All,

Back from Luxembourg where I have spent a few excellent days ( apart from the weather, but I'm used to it ). It gave me the opportunity, after 6 years in London, to evaluate how my fellow Luxembourgers have evolved or changed over the years. Well, they haven't. Not a bit.

There is one bible in Luxembourg most of Luxembourgers read every morning with their breakfast, that's the "Luxemburger Wort", the very catholic national paper. I used to read it. It's handy, every day you will read interesting national news about what farmer party will take place in the north of the country, and no worries if you missed some important international article in yesterday's world press. It will be in today's Wort! And please don't miss the official weddings announcements on page 23 on Saturdays. It's a list of announcements including address of the future event and date, to make sure your friends and family do not miss the event or don't forget to send you a present. It is very handy for burglars too, because they only need to check who is getting married and when, to calmly break into the married couple's home on the given date.

The power of these announcements can be enormous: 10 years ago, I saw that an old friend Alain Nicolay from Bertrange was getting married. Waaooow, he is finally doing it! was my first thought. I called my friend Guy, told him the news. He was surprised, and promised to investigate. A few days later the whole of my friends base knew Alain was supposed to get married. Bastard, he didn't tell anyone !!! Well the most surprised to hear about it was Alain himself. That Alain from Bertrange was not him: " My name is Nicolai, not Nicolay !!" Ooooooops.

It's a lot of responsibility to read that famous page in the newspaper. It takes away any excuse you might have for NOT offering a present to someone you know is getting married, or at least send a card on the day. I met an old school friend in Luxembourg city a couple of months ago. She told me she had got married 3 months earlier. "Great, I said, congratulations. I didn't know. " How come, she said, don't you read the newspaper??"

Have a nice week ahead