Sports in Algarve ( to Miguel )

( 20th February 2001 )

Good morning All,

I'm starting to miss squash in Algarve. This feeling always overcomes me end of January/beginning of February. It means it starts to become urgent for me to go and spend some time with my ancesters in Portugal.

While others were born in Siberia, and, when you love the sun, it's not that exciting to "go back to your ancesters" there, I was lucky enough to be born in Lisbon, where you can sit at the terrace of a cafe without having to look at your watch all the time. But why "Squash in Algarve"? Simply because a few years back, down in Albufeira, my old local friend Miguel tried to organise us a Squash court. After a few failed attempts for finding a suitable date ( we were very busy, I was with my beach committments, Miguel was with his ladieseeeeee other committments ), we finally were ready for the big day. I would thrash that guy on court, harhar. I put on my very professional shorts, took out my best ( and only ) squashracket, and I joined Miguel at his local bar, the Mig's bar. It was 2 o clock in the afternoon, sun was shining, little breeze, etc etc Miguel waved to his employee at the bar, and we both took his car.

We drove for about 15 minutes, chatting frenetically about life, death, lost girls, never found girls, damn girls, well you get the picture. And suddenly we stopped in front of a gentle cliff, overlooking the sea. On our right a little beach bar, with just a few couples in love,..."having a bud, watching the sea..." Very romantic! ( Is he gay, I started wondering? ). "Here we are, said Miguel. And there we sat, the whole afternoon,...staring at the waves. And Miguel explained to me, that sometimes when days were too long at his bar, he would come here, sit and relax. But because for a matter of respect from his employees, he couldn't simply tell them he was off to the beach, my Squash story was the Best he could come up with that day. And there I was, sitting like a homosexual idiot, in my shorts and my squashracket, getting drunk with my friend Miguel.

Aaaaaahh, I miss my Algarve squash. Have a nice day